Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who is Jesus? The answer is not simple. It is still a quest to understand him. Who is Jesus for historians -fact or fiction? who is Jesus for politicians-freedom fighter(social revolutionist) or peacemaker? who is Jesus for  philosopher? Historians, theologians, philosophers, poets, politicians  etc portrait him in various ways that may or may not do justice to Jesus. As mentioned above, the question does not have a simple answere since various people have different perception about him. However, I desire to bring to table primarily our real personal perception of Jesus in various matters and find out both scriptural and historical grounds. How  does our beliefs affect our praxis in life? Does the Jesus of doctrine or faith and the Jesus of praxis function together? or do we have 'two' Jesus?

I have a fear that the Jesus in the church had hard time walking out to the public square to bring an impact.  Jesus is 'Lord' in the church but what about in world? Is Jesus Lord of ALL? ALL I mean ...who is Jesus in social policy? who is Jesus in social justice? who is Jesus in poverty? who is Jesus in gender? who is Jesus in marriage? who is Jesus ...I presurme that if we all sit and talk  about Jesus we may  come up with different kinds of Jesus who responds differently to the raised issues. I am pondering on the issue of the identity of Jesus, the identity that sometimes be shaped in our context and culture and define him as per 'that' shape .Thus, is it an unfathomable issue? I do not think so..but it is good always to start from scripture and finish in scripture.

However, in the 21st century numerous issues come to the platform to disfigure the very historical portrait of Jesus, our foundation of faith and practice. I would like to discuss Jesus with YOU so that he would be the center of our talk and walk! Let's bring Jesus to the public square!